Luxury Gift Guide: 77+ Exclusive and Expensive Gift Ideas for the Elite

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Big, bigger, Biggest. Wild, wilder, wildest. Now we go on a gift hunt – and armed with the big wallet in hand. Many of our visitors here at have requested a guide to the large and expensive gifts they can wish for or give. So this article is about making your credit card glow with genuine luxury gifts – the more expensive and exclusive of the kind.

As you know, there is a big difference between what one perceives as luxury and opulence, and what the next perceives as the same. Therefore, you should clearly make a wish list so that you don’t risk your rich friends coming up with an expensive gift that you are not really interested in. Think through your interests and choose something you have always wanted. And remember that you can dream of expensive gifts when you make a wish list.

The possibilities are innumerable and almost endless, but here we have tried to gather a number of suggestions for you who are still a little on the bare bottom. 

You can see the gift ideas below, while the deeper specifications can be read along with more pictures if you click the product picture.

We hope you find some inspiration in our list of exclusive and expensive gift ideas.

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