Clear Gummy Bear 3-D Anatomy Puzzle


Dissect the delicious with the Gummy Bear Anatomy Skeleton! This quirky candy mold lets you create gummy bears that are both sweet and scientific! Unmold adorable gummy bears with a complete skeletal system – a fun and educational twist on a classic treat.

Who it’s a great gift for:

  • Candy lovers with a twist: For those who love gummy bears but crave something a little different, the Gummy Bear Anatomy Skeleton mold is the perfect way to satisfy their sweet tooth and scientific curiosity.
  • Parents with curious kids: Looking for a fun way to engage your child’s interest in science? This mold is a great conversation starter that lets kids learn about bones and anatomy in a yummy way.
  • Party people: Liven up your next gathering with these unique gummy bear creations! The Gummy Bear Anatomy Skeleton mold is sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Anyone who loves a novelty gift: This isn’t your average candy mold. The Gummy Bear Anatomy Skeleton is a unique and memorable gift that’s sure to surprise and delight.


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