Star Wars: The Mandalorian Concept Art Playing Cards


The web-slinging sensation is back in black! This collectible Marvel Legends Retro Collection Spider-Man figure captures the iconic hero in his classic black symbiote suit. With retro-style packaging and detailed sculpting, this figure is a must-have for any Spidey fan.

This action figure is a great gift for:

  • Marvel Legends collectors: This figure is a perfect addition to any Marvel Legends collection, especially for fans of classic Spider-Man storylines.
  • Spider-Man fanatics of all ages: Whether you grew up with the comics or are a new Spidey enthusiast, this figure is a great way to celebrate your love for the web-crawler.
  • Anyone who loves a blast from the past: The retro packaging brings back the nostalgia of classic action figures, making it a great gift for fans who appreciate vintage collectibles.


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