The Advanced j7+ Roomba With Automatic Dirt Disposal


Made by iRobot, this is Roomba j7+, the robotic vacuum that eliminates worry over floor cleaning by automatically emptying itself into a disposable bag for up to 60 days. When its bin fills up, Roomba j7+ returns to the automatic dirt disposal charging base and deposits the contents into a dust-free disposable bag that holds up to 30 full bins. The most intelligent model yet, Roomba j7+ recognizes and avoids objects such as pet waste or charging cords, and it still learns your home and remembers rooms by name, so you can easily control which rooms are cleaned and when. You can schedule cleanings via a free smartphone app, through voice commands using an existing Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or by simply pressing the “clean” button on the robot. Roomba j7+ uses advanced software along with optical and audio sensors to thoroughly clean rooms from edge to edge, detecting areas that require concentrated cleaning while avoiding furniture or  stairs. When it detects an obstacle on the floor, it bypasses that area and texts you that it will return to clean that area once the obstacle is removed. Ideal for pet owners and allergy sufferers, Roomba j7+ forgoes typical vacuum brushes for two rubber rollers that break down debris while a powerful vacuum deposits dirt, dust, hair, and allergens into a filtered bin. Roomba j7+ runs continuously for up to 75 minutes and automatically recharges itself and resumes cleaning until the job is complete. A smartphone app confines Roomba j7+ to a room until it is cleaned or creates a protective zone around an area you don’t want it to enter.


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