The Best Children’s Cash Register


This is the children’s cash register that earned the Best rating in tests by the Hammacher Institute because it teaches basic math skills and helps children recognize U.S. currency. Of all tested models, it was the only one that used games to teach addition and subtraction. Its coin quiz helps to develop logic, reasoning, and change-making skills by either prompting children to insert a named coin into the register, match a given dollar amount in coins only, or enter an amount using its keypad. Its spoken voice was the easiest to understand and its LCD was the easiest to read, prompting one panelist to comment this model was the “most educational unit.” It comes with paper bank notes and plastic coins similar in size to U.S. currency. Includes a working scale, credit card, and coupon scanner; coin slot recognizes U.S. coins. Requires three C batteries. Ages 3 and up.


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