The Feline Tree House


This is the hand-crafted natural treehouse that lets felines indulge their primeval jungle instincts. Requiring more than 100 individual cuts and 16 hours to build, it’s made from a mature dragonwood tree harvested from sustainable forests in Florida and Georgia. The tree is left in its natural state–gnarled branches, bark, lichen and all–and the 3/4″ plywood platforms are custom-cut to fit its unique contours. A carpeted 16″ x 24″ base and three carpeted platforms tucked among the branches let cats survey their surroundings in comfort and are permanently attached to the trunk for stability. The carpeting is stain-resistant and held in place with hook-and-loop fasteners, allowing easy removal for cleaning. Realistic silk foliage provides the concealment that felines naturally crave and the base of the trunk is wrapped in sisal cord to serve as a convenient scratching post. Due to the unique shape of each tree, platform positions may vary from those shown. Made in the U.S.


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