The Happy Birthday Singing and Dancing Bear


This is the plush bear who regales the guest of honor and partygoers alike with a lifelike birthday serenade. Created by Gund, whose plush toys that have delighted children since 1898, gently pressing the cuddly cub’s front paw brings him to life. He enthusiastically cries “I just love birthday, especially yours!” in a sweet childlike voice before breaking into song. As he sings Happy Birthday To You, the bear’s mouth moves, his body sways, and the candle on the multi-colored cupcake he holds flickers. After the song ends, he encourages the birthday boy or girl to play along by saying “We can make a wish and blow out the candles”, before puffing out the light. The birthday-loving bruin is expertly stitched from a durable polyester coat that can be spot cleaned. Includes three AA batteries. Ages 3 and up.


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