The Nutrient Preserving Juicer


This is the powerful juicer that retains more nutrients per glass of juice thanks to a patented design that reduces liquid loss and oxidation. The uncommonly wide feeding tube alleviates the need to prep fruit in small chunks (a process that tears apart cell walls and begins the oxidation process), while the two-stage, low-speed motor crushes food without unnecessary aeration that would encourage the breakdown of essential enzymes. At 3″ x 3″, the ample feeding tube accepts whole apples and tomatoes with ease, which not only reduces prep time, but delivers more liquid yield that would otherwise be lost on the cutting board. This ingenious design preserves not just more healthful nutrients but also better flavors and aromas that should accompany a freshly pressed glass of juice. The 240-watt brushless motor provides heavy duty operation over most other juicers but is mounted securely for quieter operation. Strainer accessories facilitate frozen desserts, and sorbets.


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