The Outdoor Strider


Designed to withstand the elements, this is the exercise machine that provides a low-impact workout outdoors. The strider has a sturdy steel frame, stainless steel hardware, and an exterior coating that resists rust, corrosion, chips, and UV discoloration. This weather-resistant construction enables a joint-friendly cardiovascular workout in the fresh air and sunshine, an environment that researchers have found encourages longer and more satisfying exercise sessions. Users can simply place their feet on the pedals and hold the handgrips, gliding their legs back and forth to work the lower body without stressing the joints. Using the rotating handlebars, which swing back and forth like Nordic ski poles, amps up the routine by working muscles in the arms and back. The large pedals fit all users and are textured to ensure traction. The strider requires no electricity and sets up conveniently on a patio, deck, or other flat, hard surface.


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