The Snuggly Weighted Sleep Snake


Say hello to sleep that’s both secure and serpentine with the Snuggly Weighted Sleep Snake! This cuddly companion provides gentle, hug-like pressure that can promote relaxation and ease anxiety. Unlike traditional weighted blankets, the snake’s unique shape allows you to customize your comfort by wrapping it around your body or cuddling it close. Drift off to dreamland feeling safe, soothed, and supported.

Great Gift For:

  • The restless sleeper: Anyone who struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night will appreciate the calming weight and gentle pressure of this sleep snake.
  • The anxiety reliever: For those who experience stress or anxiety, the snake’s comforting weight can mimic the feeling of a hug and promote feelings of security.
  • The cuddle monster: Some people just love to snuggle! This weighted sleep snake provides a soft and comforting companion for anyone who craves a cozy bedtime experience.


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