Beat That! Game


Calling all game nights enthusiasts (and maybe a few secret sore losers)! “Beat That” is the hilarious party game that puts your skills, strategy, and ability to influence your opponents to the ultimate test. This fast-paced, interactive game challenges players to complete ridiculous tasks, with a twist – you can use “Beat That” cards to sabotage your opponents or weasel your way out of a challenge. Get ready for a night of laughter, friendly competition, and maybe a little friendly (or not-so-friendly) trash talk.

Who Needs This Chaotic Challenge?

  • Game Night Regulars Looking for Something New: “Beat That” adds a layer of hilarious strategy and sabotage to any game night, making it perfect for groups who love a little friendly competition.
  • The Perfect Party Icebreaker: Liven things up at your next gathering with this fast-paced and interactive game that gets everyone involved.
  • Anyone Who Wants to Take Down a Board Game Bully: “Beat That” cards help you even the playing field (or perhaps tip it hilariously in your favor) against those overly competitive players.


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