Covert Golf Bag Cooler


Tired of relying on the cart girl and yearning for beverage independence? The Covert Cooler Golf Bag Cooler is here to quench your thirst and keep your cool on the course. This cleverly designed cooler fits discreetly into your golf bag’s shoe compartment, holding up to 9 cans of your favorite “beverage” (wink wink). The insulated lining keeps things refreshingly cold, while the waterproof design ensures no leaks or damage to your bag. And thanks to the printed graphic that reads “SHOE BAG (Does not contain beer. Just shoes.)”, you can stash your frosty treats without raising any suspicious eyebrows from the club authorities (or your spouse!).

Who’s it the Perfect Par-Tea for?

  • Golfers on a Quest for Cold Hydration: No more waiting for the cart or burning up on the green – this cooler keeps your drinks icy cold throughout your game.
  • Fans of Subtle Subversion: The “shoe bag” disguise adds a touch of playful secrecy to your refreshment strategy.
  • Gift Idea for the Parched Golfer: Ditch the usual golf accessories and surprise them with this unique and functional cooler – a gift they’ll truly appreciate on a hot day.


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