Document Dunk


Shoot your way to a cleaner desk with the Document Dunk Trashcan Basketball Hoop! This hilarious organizer combines the thrill of slam dunks with the practicality of a wastebasket. Crumpled papers and office detritus never stood a chance!

Who it’s a great gift for:

  • Messy coworkers (in a nice way): Help your cubicle companion conquer clutter with this fun and functional desk accessory. The Document Dunk Trashcan Basketball Hoop gamifies recycling, making it a slam dunk for even the most desk-tossing individuals.
  • Students and teenagers: For teens or students who tend to accumulate desk debris, the Document Dunk Trashcan Basketball Hoop adds a touch of fun to cleaning up. It’s a more engaging way to keep their study space organized.
  • Basketball fans: Know a die-hard basketball lover? This is a unique way to bring their passion for the sport right to their desk. Even if they can’t hit the real court, they can practice their skills with crumpled paper balls.
  • Anyone who wants a fun desk organizer: Let’s face it, filing and throwing away trash can be boring. The Document Dunk Trashcan Basketball Hoop injects some laughter and leisure into the everyday task of keeping your workspace tidy.


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