Duff Sparkling Beverage


Ever dream of grabbing a Duff after a long, hard day at the ol’ power plant? Well, dream no more! Introducing the Duff Sparkling Beverage, the official (non-alcoholic) way to Duff yourself up!

That’s right, your favorite Simpsons suds are now available in a refreshing, guilt-free form:

  • Sparkling & Orangey: This bubbly beverage hits your taste buds with a zesty orange flavor, reminiscent of Homer’s favorite brew (minus the pesky hangover).
  • Light & Refreshing: Say goodbye to heavy beers! With only 4 grams of sugar, Duff Sparkling Beverage is perfect for quenching your thirst without weighing you down.
  • Vitamin Boost: This ain’t just sugar water! Each can is packed with B Vitamins, giving you the energy you need to keep on atom-smashin’.
  • Officially Duff-tastic: This ain’t no knock-off! This officially licensed beverage brings the Simpsons fun straight to your fridge.


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