FartBro Prank Farting Robot


Achtung! Unleash the ultimate prank weapon with Fart-Bro, the Prank Farting Robot! This hilarious little device lets loose a symphony of toots sure to leave your victims giggling (or groaning).

Who it’s a gift for (choose carefully!):

  • Pranksters with a refined sense of humor: If you know someone who enjoys a good laugh (and a good toot), Fart-Bro is the perfect way to add some air-horned amusement to their day.
  • Office pranksters (use with caution): Be warned, Fart-Bro can wreak hilarious havoc in the office. Just use your best judgment and target selection to avoid any HR complaints!
  • Immature children (under supervision): Let’s face it, kids love farts. Fart-Bro can provide hours of entertainment, but be sure to supervise younger pranksters to avoid any, ahem, smelly mishaps.
  • Anyone who needs a stress reliever: Sometimes, a good laugh is the best medicine. Fart-Bro can be a silly way to de-stress and lighten the mood. Just be sure you’re not the one getting pranked in the process!


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