Gadgets Activity Kit by LEGO


Calling all curious minds and creative geniuses! The LEGO® Gadgets Activity Kit is the ultimate tinkering toolbox, bursting with gears, motors, and endless building possibilities. It’s more than just LEGO® bricks – it’s a launchpad for inventing the future!

Who’s ready to become a LEGO® Gadget Guru?

  • Future Einsteins: This is the perfect gift for any child who loves to tinker, take things apart, and build amazing creations.
  • LEGO® Fanatics: LEGO® lovers will jump at the chance to expand their collection with unique Technic™ pieces and explore the world of motorized builds.
  • STEM Students: A fantastic way to introduce young learners to the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).


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