Hilarious Illustrated Toilet Paper


No more bathroom blues! This toilet paper is printed with funny illustrations that will add a touch of humor to your most private moments (don’t worry, they’re printed on discreet one-ply sheets). The perfect gift to prove you can laugh at anything (even poop).

Who it’s a Great Gift For:

  • Pranksters with a Potty Sense of Humor: Anyone who appreciates a good bathroom joke will love this hilarious toilet paper. It’s a guaranteed giggle (and maybe a snort) every time they use the restroom.
  • For People Who Take Themselves Too Seriously: Lighten up their day with this funny toilet paper! It’s a lighthearted gift that reminds them not to sweat the small stuff (even in the bathroom).
  • Perfect for College Students or New Homeowners: This hilarious toilet paper is a fun and inexpensive gift for college students moving into their first dorm or new homeowners setting up their bathroom. It adds a touch of personality to their space.


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