Thor Hammer 1:1 Scale Metal Replica


Ever dreamed of summoning lightning like the God of Thunder? Now you can hold the power in your hands (well, maybe not literally) with the officially licensed Marvel Thor Hammer 1:1 Scale Metal Replica! This epic hammer measures in at a mighty 17 inches long, just like the real deal (as wielded by the worthy, of course). The base is forged from metal for a satisfying heft, while the handle maintains a comfortable grip.

This Mjolnir replica makes a great gift for:

  • Die-hard Marvel fans: Especially those who worship Thor!
  • Cosplay enthusiasts: Complete your Thor costume with this impressive replica.
  • Comic book collectors: Add a unique and conversation-starting piece to their collection.
  • Anyone who wants to feel like a superhero: Even if they can’t quite lift the real Mjolnir.


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