Marvel’s The Avengers Captain America Shield


Assemble your inner hero with the Marvel’s The Avengers Captain America Shield 1:6 Scale Prop Replica! This collectible captures every detail of Captain America’s legendary vibranium shield, from the star-spangled design to the weathered battle damage (because even superheroes get into scrapes). Made from durable materials, this 1:6 scale replica is perfect for display or cosplaying. Hold the shield high and imagine yourself standing alongside Cap, ready to defend the world!

Captain America’s Shield Prop Replica makes a great gift for:

  • Die-hard Captain America fans: The ultimate tribute to their favorite super soldier.
  • Marvel movie buffs and collectors: A must-have piece for any Avengers memorabilia collection.
  • Cosplay enthusiasts: Complete your Captain America costume with this authentic-looking shield.
  • Anyone who wants to feel like a superhero: Even if it’s just for a day!


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