Projection Alarm Clock


【Large & Backlit LCD Screen】

  • A large colorful backlit LCD screen.
  • Displays time, outdoor/indoor temperature (min/max readings included), humidity (min/max readings included), weather forecast and more in clear digits.
  • 4 levels of brightness are available for optimal vision.

【Adjustable Projection】

  • Projects time and temperature onto the ceiling or walls so you can tell time simply lying on the bed.
  • Adjust the clock projector forwards/backwards, change 2 levels brightness of projection, and reverse projection in 180° to achieve maximum clarity.
  • The optimal projection range is 3.3-10 feet.

【IPX4 Wireless Remote Sensor】

  • Transmits real-time outdoor temperature, humidity, weather trends, and more index to your projection alarm clock for bedroom.
  • *Concrete walls, cellars, screens of electronic devices, metal doors, and other sources of signals will interfere with the transmission and lead to inaccurate temp readings.

【Auto Time Setting】

  • Automatically receives WWVB radio signals to calibrate time at 1:00 / 2:00 / 3:00 a.m. or after rebooting or replacing new batteries. Manual time setting is available as well.

【Dual Alarms & Snooze】

  • Set 2 separate alarms and choose alarms to be activated on weekdays/weekends/7 days.
  • Snooze function allows sleeping for extra 5-60 minutes. Alarms will last 2 minutes with increased volume to wake you up.


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