Santa Drinking Coca-Cola Molded Ornament


Catch Santa with his Coke out! This hilarious Santa Drinking Coca-Cola Molded Ornament is a must-have for any Coca-Cola or quirky Christmas ornament collector! This festive ornament adds a touch of humor to your holiday décor and sparks conversations wherever it hangs. Warning: May cause uncontrollable cravings for a cold Coke and uncontrollable laughter!

Who it’s a Great Gift For:

  • Coca-Cola enthusiasts: This ornament combines their love for the beverage brand with a touch of Christmas cheer.
  • People who appreciate funny Christmas ornaments: This playful Santa Claus figurine adds a lighthearted touch to any holiday tree.
  • Anyone who enjoys unique and conversation-starting holiday decorations: This ornament is sure to get a chuckle and become a cherished part of any Christmas collection.
  • Secret Santa looking for a funny and festive gift: This ornament is a surefire hit for anyone with a sense of humor.
  • Great for kids and adults alike: This lighthearted take on Santa will bring smiles to people of all ages.


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