Stag Head Wine Pourer


Liven up your next gathering with the conversation-starting Stag Head Wine Pourer! This whimsical accessory adds a touch of playful sophistication to your wine service. The stag’s antlers cleverly function as the pour spout, aerating the wine as it flows majestically into your glass. It’s the perfect gift for any wine lover with a sense of humor!

Who it’s a Great Gift For:

  • The Host or Hostess with the Most-est: This unique wine pourer adds a touch of whimsy and fun to any dinner party or gathering.
  • Animal lovers (with a sophisticated side): This combines their love of animals with a touch of elegance, perfect for the discerning wildlife enthusiast.
  • Wine connoisseurs who appreciate a touch of fun: This pourer aerates the wine while adding a lighthearted touch to their wine-drinking experience.
  • People who love conversation starters: This unique piece is guaranteed to get guests talking and add a touch of merriment to the evening.
  • Anyone who enjoys functional art: This wine pourer is both a practical tool and a delightful conversation piece.


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