STAR WARS EP 9 The First Order


Join the dark side (of your sock drawer) with these First Order Crew Socks! A bold statement for any Star Wars fan, these socks feature the iconic emblem of the First Order. Made with comfy fabric and galactic style, these socks are the perfect way to show your allegiance (or perhaps, your appreciation for a good villain). May the force (and your fashion sense) be with you!

Who it’s a Great Gift For:

  • Star Wars fans, especially those who appreciate the villains: These socks are a unique way to show their love for the dark side (or at least, the First Order’s aesthetics).
  • People who enjoy geeky socks and conversation starters: These socks are sure to spark discussions about the Star Wars universe.
  • Anyone who appreciates bold and graphic socks: The First Order’s emblem is a striking design that will turn heads.
  • Fans of the sequel trilogy: These socks let them celebrate Episode IX and the battles between the Resistance and the First Order.
  • People with a sense of humor who don’t mind a bit of playful villainy: The tongue-in-cheek description adds a humorous touch to the Star Wars fandom.


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