The 5′ Animated Dancing Skeleton


Catchy Description:

He’s got the moves (and the glow)! This 5-foot animated dancing skeleton will boogie his bony bod right into your heart (and maybe scare a few trick-or-treaters). Lit with hundreds of LEDs and sporting a top hat and cane, this spooky showman is the life of the death… er, life of the party!

Great Gift For:

  • Halloween enthusiasts: This animated skeleton is a surefire way to add some spooky fun to any Halloween display.
  • Pranksters: Want to give trick-or-treaters a little fright (with a laugh)? This dancing skeleton is the perfect way to do it.
  • People who love unique decorations: This isn’t your average skeleton decoration. With his light-up features and dance moves, this guy is sure to stand out.
  • Those with a good sense of humor: Who can resist a skeleton with a top hat and some smooth moves? This decoration is perfect for anyone who appreciates a little lighthearted Halloween fun.


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