The 6′ Rotating Ornament Display Tree


Show off your favorite holiday ornaments in style with the 6-Rotating Ornament Display Tree! This unique tree features six tiers that gently rotate, allowing all your cherished baubles to take center stage.

Who’s this the perfect gift for?

  • The Ornament Obsessed: For those with a collection of ornaments overflowing the box, this rotating tree is a dream come true. It provides ample space to display their entire collection, ensuring no favorite gets left behind.
  • The Holiday Entertainer: Make a statement this holiday season with a dazzling display of ornaments. This rotating tree is a guaranteed conversation starter and adds a touch of whimsy to any festive gathering.
  • Those Who Love Convenience: No more wrestling with tangled lights and crowded branches! This tree is easy to assemble and the rotating tiers mean you can admire all your ornaments without having to move a muscle.


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