The Automaton Dual Watch Winder


This is the dual watch winder handcrafted from gold-plated metal that takes the form of a handcranked wheel. Patented, “powered” by a miniature figure, and protected by a glass dome, the two winders run on a precise, noiseless Swiss brushless geared motor that provides 24 pre-programmed, adjustable rotation modes to suit any automatic, self-winding watch. The two rubber-lined watch mounting springs adjust to fit any size strap and can be set for alternate direction of rotation or single direction. With 16 Hundred-Turns-per-Day maximum (consult your watch specifications for optimal rotation direction and HTpD setting). Plugs into AC with included adapter. 8 1/4″ H x 8″ Diam. (4 1/4 lbs.)


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