The Best Beginner’s Telescope


This is the telescope that earned The Best designation from the Hammacher Institute because it provided the best viewing clarity and was the easiest to use. Ideal for beginning astronomers, it won a 2020 Consumer Electronics Show award and uses a smartphone to analyze the night sky and guide viewers through a list of visible celestial objects. Analysts found the telescope’s optics (80 mm objective lens, refractor design with 900mm focal length, and a maximum usable magnification of 189X) provided The Best viewing clarify. Its targeting, focusing, tripod adjustment, pan/tilt, and beginner’s orientation scored The Best for ease of use. A free app interacts with a smartphone’s built-in camera, GPS, and gyroscopes to provide a handheld map of the heavens, guiding a viewer where to aim the telescope for quickly locating and viewing nearby stars, planets, and deep sky objects. With 25mm and 10mm eyepieces, 2X Barlow lens, and a red dot finderscope for telescope use without a smartphone. Includes an adjustable aluminum tripod. 54″ L x 38″ W x 32″ D. (9 lbs.)


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