The Best Heated Glove Liners


These heated glove liners earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute due to their comfort, superior coverage, and build quality. Ranked by panelists as the most comfortable liners, they were described as having settings that “were comfortable on both low and high heat.” They were also lauded for their soft material, unlike lesser units panned as being “too thick and bulky” or “super scratchy and uncomfortable.” The Best liners were ranked by analysts as having the most even coverage across the fingers, hands, and wrist, while inferior units provided unbalanced cold areas or had extreme hot spots. The Best Heated Glove Liners increased in temperature by 14.3° F on low, 26.7° F on medium, and 33.2° F on high and the batteries lasted 231 minutes on low, 206 minutes on medium, and 184 minutes on high. Spandex/polyester blend. With touchscreen-compatible fingertips on thumb and index. Charges via AC adapter.


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