The Complete New York Times Of Your Birth Date


This is the reproduction of the The New York Times that printed on the day you were born, or any other date. Containing all of the news the “Gray Lady” saw fit to print, the issue you choose is procured from the archives of The Times, complete with the headlines, stories, photographs, and advertisements that appeared on that day. The newspaper is reprinted in a traditionally bound birthday book that displays the recipient’s name, “The New York Times”, and the date stamped in gold on the burgundy leatherette cover. Includes up to 16 reprints of historic front pages. Specify recipient’s name (up to 40 characters) and any date between 1900 to present. Each book contains approximately 80 pages (depending on the date) printed on off-white paper. Front pages are color for 1998 and later; inside pages are black and white.


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