The Large Screen Live Fitness Spin Bike


Introducing the Large Screen Live Fitness Spin Bike, where real-time adrenaline meets cutting-edge technology. Escape the gym walls and embark on a fitness journey like no other.


  • Sweating it out in exotic locales: Cycle through stunning landscapes led by elite instructors live from around the globe. Dubai desert? Alpine climb? Beachfront cruise? The world is your workout playground.
  • Community that fuels your motivation: Ride alongside real people, pushing each other further with live leaderboards and instructor shoutouts. It’s like having a global spin party in your living room!
  • Variety that keeps you hooked: Push your limits with 32 resistance levels, conquer demanding climbs, and enjoy scenic rides at various paces. Never get bored again!
  • Technology that elevates your experience: A massive 24″ HD touchscreen puts you in the heart of the action. Flip it 180° for off-bike workouts – yoga, strength training, and more!
  • Immersive atmosphere: Feel the burn pump to the beat with powerful dual speakers. Choose from 15 LED color modes to set the mood, from a sunrise glow to a pulsating nightclub vibe.


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