The LEGO DUPLO Classic Giant Brick Gift Set


This is the oversized LEGO® DUPLO giant storage brick that holds a surprising assortment of genuine LEGO® DUPLO themed sets and accessories within its interior. An ideal gift for preschoolers or any fan of the iconic building bricks, the top of the cube lifts off to reveal its bounty of LEGO® DUPLO toys, featuring a 23-piece LEGO® DUPLO train set, 7-piece LEGO® DUPLO tow truck set, and a 5-piece set that creates a pet giraffe. Accessories also include a LEGO® snack box and drinking bottle, 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 mini brick boxes, an iconic luggage tag, picture frame, and whimsical LEGO mini-figure keychain with an LED. Ages 2 and up.


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