The Mini Monster Truck


This is the monster truck custom-built to 1/2 the size of the real thing. Built around a four-cylinder Ford engine that provides a top speed of 25 MPH, the truck’s steel chassis is just as robust as full-sized models, protecting young mudswampers with a seamless, 2″-diam. DOM steel tube frame that withstands flips, bashes, and crashes. Its two-speed transmission, four-wheel drive, and hydraulic steering provide easy, responsive control when hurtling around a dirt track on its four 40″-diam. tires. Completely protected by safety equipment, young drivers can engage the included nitrous oxide system for immediate acceleration that enables easy jumps over obstacles—landings are pillow soft thanks to the nitrogen-powered shock absorbers. Includes Kicker speakers for setting the appropriate musical mood, LED lights for night driving, a GoPro camera for documenting thrills and spills, and a winch and recovery cable that ensure the owner will never be mired in mud. As this is a customized product, please allow 120 days for delivery. Ages 8 to 18.


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