The Wearable Travel Air Purifier


Available only from Hammacher Schlemmer, this is the wearable air purifier that helps remove germs and impurities from your personal space while you travel in a plane, train, or car. It emits over 36 million negative ions every second that attach to particles, moving them to positively charged surfaces like a floor. In an independent study we commissioned, it reduced virus like pathogens in a 3 cubic foot chamber (to duplicate one’s personal space) from 60% in 30 minutes to 90% in 180 minutes. Real world effectiveness can vary, depending on air circulation and movement of the user. Ideal for ground and air travel and while dining out. It hangs comfortably around the neck, helping to purify the air up to 3′ from the device when used as indicated. Recharges via USB. Includes soft case. For adults only.


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