The Yoda Table Lamp


May the Light be with you…and your desk! The Yoda Table Lamp brings wisdom and a warm glow to any room. This officially licensed Star Wars lamp features the iconic Jedi Master in a pose of quiet contemplation, casting a gentle light that’s perfect for reading, working, or channeling your inner Force user. A must-have for any Star Wars fan or anyone who appreciates a unique and stylish lamp.

Who it’s a Great Gift For:

  • The Star Wars Devotee: For the ultimate Star Wars fan, this Yoda lamp is the perfect way to show off their fandom. It’s a conversation starter and a unique addition to any room.
  • The Sci-Fi Buff: This lamp appeals to anyone who loves science fiction and iconic characters. It adds a touch of geek chic to any home decor.
  • The Fan of Fun Lighting: Looking for a lamp that’s more than just functional? This Yoda lamp provides a whimsical touch and a conversation starter for any guest.


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