Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal (Deluxe Version)


Moonwalk your way into owning a legend! The Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal by PureArts isn’t just a statue, it’s a portal back to iconic music video history. This meticulously crafted collectible captures the King of Pop in his unforgettable “Smooth Criminal” lean, complete with signature details that will leave you breathless.

Who will be saying “Annie are you OK?” with excitement?

  • The Hard-Core Fan: For the ultimate Michael Jackson devotee, this is the holy grail of collectibles. It’s a must-have for any serious fan.
  • Music Memorabilia Enthusiasts: This statue is a stunning addition to any music memorabilia collection. It’s a conversation starter and a true piece of pop culture history.
  • Anyone Who Loves the King of Pop: Whether they grew up listening to his music or were recently introduced to his genius, this is a chance to own a piece of Michael Jackson’s legacy.


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