Prank Packs Fake Gift Boxes


Wrap up some laughs this gift-giving season with Prank Packs – Empty Gift Boxes! These hilarious boxes look like they’re overflowing with goodies, but open them up to reveal…nothing! It’s the perfect way to playfully trick your friends and family.

Prank Packs Empty Gift Boxes are a great gift for:

  • Pranksters and jokers: Anyone who loves a good laugh, especially at the expense of others (in a friendly way), will enjoy these prank boxes.
  • People who enjoy playful gift-giving: These boxes are a perfect way to add some humor to any gift exchange. They’re a great option for those who want to give a funny gift before the real present.
  • Anyone with a good sense of humor: Even the recipient of the prank is likely to find the humor in these empty boxes, especially if they know they’re coming from you!


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