The Fish Catching RC Boat


This isn’t your ordinary remote control boat. This one lands you the catch! Pre-rigged with fishing tackle, this RC boat lets you cast out, set the hook, and reel in fish up to 2 lbs all from the comfort of shore. With a telescoping grapple for easy retrieval, it’s fishing fun with a tech twist!

Who it’s a Great Gift For:

  • Tech-Savvy Anglers: Young fishermen (and fisherwomen!) who love gadgets will be begeistert (excited) to combine their love of fishing with remote control technology.
  • Armchair Anglers: For those who enjoy fishing but maybe aren’t as mobile, this RC boat lets them experience the thrill of catching a fish without leaving the dock (or the backyard!).
  • Poolside Fun: Liven up pool time with a friendly fishing competition using this RC boat. Great for families or gatherings with friends.


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