Stank Prank Candle


Do you know someone with a great sense of humor (and a not-so-great sense of smell)? The Stank Prank Candle is here to liven things up! This hilarious candle features a variety of “unpleasant” scents like gym socks, dirty laundry, or even durian fruit. It’s the perfect gag gift to leave them laughing (and maybe slightly nauseated).

Who’s it the Perfect Prank For?

  • Pranksters with a Cause: Love a good laugh? This candle is the perfect way to playfully torment roommates, co-workers, or even family members (use your best judgment!).
  • Those Who Can Take a Joke (and a Whiff): A great gift for anyone who appreciates a little olfactory outrage and can laugh at themselves.
  • Fans of the Unconventional: For those who are tired of boring, predictable gifts, the Stank Prank Candle is a hilarious and unexpected choice.


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