The Baby’s Milestones And Moments Soft Block Set


Tiny feet toddling, first tooth gleaming, a gummy grin for the camera! Celebrate every precious moment with the Baby’s Milestones & Moments Soft Block Set. It’s not just a toy, it’s a memory-making machine for parents and little ones alike.

Here’s the fun:

  • Milestone magic: Mark those momentous firsts – from weeks and months to “I can crawl!” and “First haircut!” – with adorable double-sided cards. Snap picture-perfect memories with these sweet props.
  • Sensory symphony: More than just blocks, these cuties crinkle, rattle, and squeeze, engaging tiny hands and curious minds. It’s playtime and developmental fun in one!
  • Cuddly companions: Made from ultra-soft materials by Gund, the block set is perfect for snuggles and playtime. Your little one will love these huggable friends.
  • Gift that keeps on giving: From baby showers to birthdays, this set makes a heartwarming gift for new parents and their precious bundles of joy.


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