The Storytelling Mother Goose


Tired of the same old bedtime routine? Wish you could bring nursery rhymes to life with enthusiasm and adorable charm? Enter the Storytelling Mother Goose, your little one’s new best buddy and interactive storyteller!

Here’s the magical scoop:

  • Seven classics, endless giggles: With a simple squeeze of her arm, Mother Goose brings to life beloved rhymes like Jack & Jill, Twinkle Twinkle, and Little Bo Peep, all recited in a soothing, motherly voice.
  • More than just words: Watch her beak move and head turn in perfect sync with the story, adding an engaging, animated twist to bedtime classics.
  • Snuggle-worthy softness: Made with super-soft 100% polyester, Mother Goose is just as perfect for cuddling as she is for storytelling.
  • Cleaning’s a breeze: Spills happen! No worries, her plush exterior is easily spot-cleaned, so storytime fun can continue uninterrupted.
  • Perfect for little story lovers (18 months+): Whether they’re discovering nursery rhymes for the first time or giggling at familiar favorites,


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