The Cordless Illuminated Shimmering Centerpiece


This is the cordless centerpiece that provides a tasteful lighted display for any tabletop. The candle looks like a traditional wax candle, yet its light source is a specially designed LED that flickers like a wind-drawn wick, and its bottom conceals two D batteries (required) that provide power for the shimmering 50 white LEDs, which add a warm ambient glow to any holiday table without unsightly electric cords. Ninety-six plush pine and fir PVC boughs are complimented by a display of frosted woody pinecones, evergreen banyan leaves, red berry clusters, and poinsettia blooms, all perfectly tucked among the dense branches. The centerpiece illuminates for up to 112 hours and has an integrated timer that automatically turns the lights on at the same time every day for five hours.


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