The Five Mile Flashlight


This is the tactical flashlight with a beam that can be seen from five nautical miles away (5.75 miles). Its high-output, 100,000 hour-rated LED produces 300 lumens of light, 40 times brighter than common flashlights that barely muster a paltry 7.5 lumens. The flashlight switches easily between one of three brightness settings, a strobe that can disorient an intruder, and an SOS signal. The powerful flashlight can also zoom from a wide to a narrow beam that pinpoints light precisely where you need it. The flashlight’s lightweight aircraft aluminum body shrugs off harsh treatment and has a magnetic base that allows hands-free use—with an IPX6 rating, it even works when submerged in water. At less than 6″ long, it fits comfortably in a purse or glove box.


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