The Garage Stoplight


Park with peace of mind: The Garage Stoplight. No more bumps and bruises for your car! This color-changing light acts as a guardian for your garage, automatically alerting you when you’re about to hit the brakes too late. Park like a pro, every time.

Who it’s a Great Gift For:

  • New drivers: This is a thoughtful gift to help them feel more confident and avoid accidental bumps in the garage.
  • Drivers with large vehicles or tight garages: This light provides a visual cue to ensure they park safely without damaging their car or the garage.
  • People who value safety and convenience: This simple gadget takes the guesswork out of parking and prevents costly repairs.
  • Anyone who hates accidentally hitting things in the garage: This light eliminates the frustration of misjudging the distance and bumping into the wall or storage items.
  • Homeowners who want to protect their investment: This light helps prevent accidental damage to both your car and your garage.


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