The Only Seven Person Tricycle


This is the only tricycle that accommodates seven adults and facilitates close-knit conferencing during joyrides. The seven seats each have a set of pedals that riders can operate simultaneously to propel the tricycle up to 10 mph, encouraging social interaction and team-building while pedaling. One of the seven riders steers the tricycle and controls the dual independent hydraulic brake systems (one hand lever and a foot pedal). Handmade in Germany for the likes of Cirque du Soleil and Google, the tricycle has a circular jointed drive-shaft, Porsche-engineered rack-and-pinion steering, and a completely covered drivetrain to protect the mechanism from dirt and dust. Pedaling also powers an internal dynamo that illuminates two headlights, the seats adjust to different heights, and the frame has a durable baked-on powder-coated paint finish.


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